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Tournament Rules

United Way Fishing Rules & Regulations

  1. Individuals fishing at facility will be required to register and execute a Hold Harmless Agreement each time they fish.  A guardian must sign the Hold Harmless Agreement for anyone under the age of 18.
  2. Fishing is limited to Florida residents only.  Picture I.D. proof with address is required.
  3. Prevailing Florida state laws apply to fishing and boating on the lake.
  4. For fish management purposes, FPL reserves the right to establish limits on size and quantities of catch.
  5. Maximum amount of boats on the lake at any given time is 50.
  6. All vessels must be less than 24 feet
  7. Speed limit on the lake will be idle only.
  8. Jet skis, airboats, and sailboats are prohibited.
  9. No fishing from the embankment, dike, ramp area or docks.  Fishing only allowed from boat.
  10. No trot lines, bush hooks or set lines allowed. Artificial baits only.
  11. Swimming, wade fishing, skin-diving and water skiing are not permitted.
  12. No fishing or entry into restricted areas allowed.  Restricted areas will be marked with buoys – any violations see #20.
  13. Fishing is limited to safe daylight hours only. No personal belongings can remain on site after close of fishing day.  Camping and any outdoor cooking is prohibited.
  14. The harassment or taking of other species of wildlife is prohibited i.e., turtles, snakes, birds and alligators.
  15. No alcoholic beverages allowed.  Any person found to be in an intoxicated condition will be required to leave the premises.
  16. No firearms, signs, fires or pets are allowed on premises.
  17. All waste will be properly disposed of.
  18. Individuals must follow all rules of immediate actions to take due to a plant emergency. See comments above on emergency alarms.
  19. The commercial use or selling of any catch from lake is prohibited.
  20. Any violation of rules will result in the removal of responsible participants and equipment from the lake and property without refunds.

Note: The Manatee cooling pond level must be a minimum of 60 feet MSL to facilitate ingress or egress of boats.


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