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November 19, 2016 Tournament Results

Hey All,

I wanted to take a quick moment to Thank You for yet another successful tournament out on The FPL Cooling Pond at the Parrish Plant. I think I speak for everyone when I say a great time was had by all and it’s all in effort to support a great local cause. I wanted to highlight a couple of our winning teams and anglers. A first place shout out to Daniel Whisenant and his crew for pulling a total weight of 20.2lbs. A second place total weight of 19.8lbs from Team Thomas and a third place weight of 19lbs wrapped things up for Kevin Strausbaugh and his anglers. A VERY close race. Congrats to those teams!

Biggest Bass goes to Daniel Whisenant with a weight of 5.2lbs.
Biggest Crappie is awarded to Mike Sinwelski at 1.8lbs.
Biggest Catfish was a tie between Mike Sinwelski & Lindsay Ambler with a weight of 7lbs each.

Jr. Angler Prizes were awarded to the following:
4th Place – Liam Ambler – 2.6lb Bass
3rd Place – Evan Mullet – 2.8lb Bass
2nd Place – Eli Wolf – 3lb Bass
1st Place- Tristan Ambler – 7lb Bass


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